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Monday, September 17, 2007
An open letter to Kenny Chesney
Dear Kenny,

Can I call you Kenny?

Now, I know that Saturday afternoon was a pretty embarrassing time to be a fan of the University of Tennessee, but for you to jump ship on the team that you've allegedly "been a big fan of" for so long was just shameful. Maybe you've forgotten the events of about nine years ago when you had a little regional hit called "Touchdown Tenneessee" that honored the legacy of John Ward, the voice of the Vols. (On a side note, I'm pretty much doubting anyone will be recording such a song for Bob Kesling when he'll be pretty much a few rousing choruses of "Ding Dong, Kesling's Gone."). Maybe the intervening years of the rumors about your sexuality and that three-month marriage to the girl from Jerry McGuire have rattled your brain or maybe your hat is just too tight.

I don't know what it could be, but to watch you abandon the Vols on national television was a disgrace. So, Tim Teabow and some of the Florida players have been to a few show and danced on stage with you...if you were a true Vol fan, you'd have had them escorted out by security and broke into a few dozen chorues of Rocky Top and maybe that little "Touchdown Tennessee" song you were championing so much a few years ago. But no, instead you turn on the Vols and pledge some loyalty to Florida.

So, Kenny...I hate to tell you this, but I'm done with you. If I had any of your CDs, I'd have burned them. I won't be buying a ticket to a concert, I won't buy any of your CDs, I won't even download any of yours song off iTunes. Heck, I'd not even illegally download any of your music using those file sharing services you musicians hate so much. If I hear one of your songs on the radio, I'll switch off and if (heaven forbid) I see one of your videos on CMT flipping past, I'll keep on going.

Back where I come from, we're loyal to our team through good and bad. I'm guessing you don't know how forever feels and that your tractor is too sexy for the Vols.

Good riddance,
Big Orange Michael

posted by Michael Hickerson at 9/17/2007 09:19:00 AM | |
How important are friendships in your life, ever consider that Kennys good friend plays for Flordia, and that maybe he picked a friend over a team?
Kenny is very loyal to the vols and I'm 100% they are his most favorite college team; what you are failing to recognize is that Kenny has friends and fans all from over the place; including Florida. Sure, if Kenny had to pick friends and fans over football, darn straight he'd pick friends and fans. Football is very important to him, but I'm sure it's not the most important. I don't mean to offend, but your reaction seems very childish to me. I don't understand how you could be so hurtful with your words.

--a proud vol
Kenny is only out for himself and who he can benefit from!! I don't understand why some of his fans can't see through him. He is so transparent! My friends and I saw through him a couple of years ago at a live taping that we attended! Kenny acted like a diva when the camera wasn't on! JMO!
Sorry, but on national TV Kenny could have said, "I have some friends on the Florida team, but at my heart I'm always a Vol."

He didn't...he threw the Vols under the bus.

I'm done with him....
Kenny has been a walking Vol Billboard for as long as I can remember. During the TN/FL game, Kenny was on the TN sideline, and as a viewer, there was absolutely no question what team he was there to support. Him wearing the Gator helmet happened many many months ago at a Keg show in FL (pre-concert-tour.) Kenny may be a celebrity, but he is also human. You maybe should give him a break for not saying the perfect thing on tv. He was there to enjoy the game, not to be hounded by the press.
Nope...sorry...Kenny gets no respect in my book. I think my post said it all...
You said you were "done with him" yet you admit that you didn't even own one of his cds to begin with. Sounds like you were not a fan of his music to begin with, so as an outsider judging what I read really does not matter in the scheme of things if you are over him or not, does it? That's what makes all this seem so ironic to me's about football, which in reality Kenny has nothing to do with, and not music, which is what KC is infamous for. I'm a wildcats fan and I if Ashley Judd suddenly started to support Louisville instead ...I really would care less. It's almost like you are offended because you feel entitled to Kenny's persona or something like that. Hope the vols pull it together soon! Good luck and have fun.
I, a current UT student, went to the game in Gainesville and was appalled when I received a text message telling me that Kenny Chesney was shown on tv at the game doing the Gator chomp! I completely understand your reaction and had a similar one myself. As pointless as it may be, I vowed to throw my Kenny Chesney cds out of my car window when I got home. My friends and I also immediately changed the radio station when one of his songs came on on our drive back to Knoxville. I am done with him too.
- In response to the person defending his Volunteer support/loyalty, I think doing the Gator chomp (terrible anytime, even worse at a game against Tennessee) speaks for itself. If you say you're a Vol fan and then do the Gator Chomp, you are a traitor. And a douchebag.
- And to the last poster. Yeah, Chesney is famous (not infamous) for music, not football. But how can you say his music has nothing to do with football? Touchdown Tennessee, for God's sake...or Back Where I Come From. (one of his most famous songs!) Or that he sold out Neyland Stadium. Or that he goes to bars on campus with friend, Peyton Manning. A large part of his identity is built on being a Tennessee native, and (former)diehard Vol fan. It's one of the main reasons I liked him so much. Your Ashley Judd is not similar at all. Where is there any irony? Your thoughts don't make sense.
-"How important are friendships in your life, ever consider that Kennys good friend plays for Flordia, and that maybe he picked a friend over a team?" That made me laugh out loud. Suggesting that his hypothetical friendship could have been ruined if he supported Tennesee. So ridiculous.
You vol fans posting about Chesney are a bunch of freakin freaks. Not only do you have misinformation (ie. Chesney never did the gator chomp, I recorded the game), but ya'll are a bunch of freaks. Quit your whining and quit blaming a sucky team on a country music singer. It makes the vols look even more pathetic. Go gators!!!!!!
He did the chomp. Thanks though.
Who is blaming anything on him? Or whining about the game? Or even talking about the actual game for that matter? You're an idiot.
Take a chill pill, have some fun, and get over yourselves TN fans. Such hatred towards an innocent person who did something you just so happen to disapprove of... Let's hang him!!!!!! How savage of you. Good lordy; aren't there more important things in the world for you to blog about and spend energy on? I can only chuckle at the childishness.
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