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Friday, November 25, 2005
TV Round-Up
Lost: Collision
At long last, the moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived--the first meeting of the two groups of survivors.

After a season which saw a lot of going back over familiar ground, it was nice to have an episode that finally began to push things forward, maybe starting the momentum for the middle third of the season. Heaven knows if I see one more explanation of how we found the hatch and what was inside it, I think I am going to go slowly insane.

Overall, I really liked where things were going on the island this week. We got to have a little bit of fun with Jack and Kate playing golf. After the dark and depressing nature of last week's look back at the first 48 days on the island for the surivovrs in the tail section, it was nice to remember that occasionally on the island people do smile and have a good time without anyone dying. The banter between Jack, Kate, Charlie and Hurley was nicely done. Of course, this was to contrast the other group with Ana Lucia playing control freak and not allowing anyone to crack a grin or a smile, faced with the guilt of having killed someone. In this case, Ana has killed an innocent person in Shannon, taking the shoot first and ask questions later theory. And in her flashbacks, we learn just why Ana Lucia is so quick on the trigger.

Not surprisingly, she's was a police officer in her previous life. One who'd been shot four times with armor-piercing bullets. As if that weren't traumatic enough, we learn in Ana Lucia's story that she was pregnant at the time. She lost the baby and then seems to have lost everything else in her life, leading to her decision to allow the guy back on the streets so she can hunt him down and kill him later, thus satisfying her own need for vengeance and/or justice. As we find out bits and pieces of Ana Lucia's story, I found myself curious about more of her backstory. Why did she lose Danny? Did her anger and resentment drive him away much in the way it drove off the survivors of the tail? Did this lead to her being such an obsessive control freak or was that something she learned from her mom? And was there a time when Ana Lucia was happy or smile and wasn't so hardened by her experiences?

I'm guessing we may found out in future flashbacks. And I also wonder how Ana Lucia might have crossed paths with other survivors besides just Jack in the airport bar.

And let me just say something here--I loved Jack's double take when he heard Ecko say the name Ana Lucia. Nice touch.

Interesting also to see Eko and Locke meet--the two enigmas of their tribes and perhaps the two men who have been directly impacted or come face to face with whatever is going on on the island. Watching Locke try to get information out of Eko and Eko clammng up was a nice touch.

And finally, after weeks of teasing, we got to see the reunion of Bernard and Rose. Yeah, I know they were tugging the heartstrings with the music and how it built up, but you know what-- I don't care. The moment just worked very well and it's nice to see the show build up to it and then pay it off in a satisfying way.

Veronica Mars: Ahoy Mateys!
You have to love a show that isn't afraid to show that its tough as nails heroine can also be vunerable. And I don't mean vulnerable in the cute, doe-y eyed way that Kristen Bell can look, but instead I' m referring to the scene before the opening credits were Veronica gets in over her head looking into why Logan was framed and who might have done it. Seeing Veronica get thrown onto the table and assualted while trying to escape was scary and Kristen Bell plays terrified as well as she plays plucky and confident. Seriously, get this girl an Emmy nomination yesterday. She's just that good.

Meanwhile, things are getting more interesting--if that was possible. Duncan is having dreams about Meg and Veronica debating who is better for him. He's having erotic dreams about Meg and you have to wonder what his secret is here--what does he feel guilty about or what is haunting him in relation to Meg? Was it that he slept with her and then dumped her to get back with Veronica? I mean, that's the most obvious choice and yet it seems too easy for this show. And one thing we've learned--Veronica Mars does not take the easy way out.

Also, Logan finds out who is behind harassing him. It's Weevil, which is no huge shock. But it should be interesting to see how Logan handles this situation as it were. We've seen that Logan isn't exactly the most forgiving guy my nature and you can bet that a huge confrontation and showdown is coming between these two characters. And you know what--I can't wait.

And those are just the subplots!

The main plot is Keith is asked to look into whether or not the school district is harassing one of the victim of the bus crashes' families. Someone keeps planting small buses and calling the house with messages from the deceased son. Veronica is brought in and finds out that the guy was doing a Pump Up the Volume type thing with a buddy, talking about all the '09ers at Neptune High. (What he's never heard of podcasting?) As we slowly look into this, we find out that he kid was sent away by his parents to be "de-gayed." Veronica finds a guy who has a crush on the deceased and asks him about what happened and why it happened.

Now, alone any one of these three storylines would have been worth tuning in for. But when you can juggle and balance all three of them in one hour--well, let me just say that after last week's stumble by the show, all is forgiven. Back on track and I'm looking forward to next week in what will probably be the final episode we get until 2006...

posted by Michael Hickerson at 11/25/2005 07:21:00 AM | |
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