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Thursday, February 17, 2005
TV Round-Up
Lost: Outlaws
While I was down with the flu last week, I watched some of my Firefly DVDs. Watching them, I was reminded again of just how much I loved that show and how stupid FOX is for cancelling it when they did.

In watching the episodes, I was struck by the character of Jayne. Every time you came close to liking Jayne, he'd always go and do something that struck you as to just how selfish the character was. And I loved how unapologetically Adam Baldwin played Jayne. It was all about Jayne, pure and simple, no matter what. (In a lot of ways, very similar to the character of Rygel on Farscape).

So, as I was watching Lost this week, I was struck by the similiarities between Jayne and Sawyer. Both characters are unapologetically who they are...and while there are times when they could gain some points or get a bit of redemption, they will, more often than not, pass those up. Both of them have their own self-interest firmly at heart. And why reveal information or give something away for free when you can use it later to your own advantage?

Like Sawyer does here. We've found out over the course of this season that Sawyer is a collector...from bits and pieces he's found in the wreckage to now he's collecting information. Sawyer had a chance to give Jack something--a bit of peace of mind about his father, but instead he passes it up. Why? I think Sawyer is saving the information for later. Also, looking at Sawyer's past, he's not really one who seems like he builts lots of male freindships. I strongly suspect that Robert Patrick's character set him up as a "free" hit man. Sending Sawyer out to kill the man he's hunted for years was interesting and it's fascinating how Sawyer never questions the information until after he's shot the guy in question. The fact that the guy was hiding out in the Outback makes you wonder a bit. Also, did we get an explanation of why Sawyer was in the police station in Boone's flashback--was it because of his having the gun?

Sawyer's obsession with the boar was interesting as well. Again, the question comes up about what the agenda is for each person is on the island. Also, why would a boar torment Sawyer so? Was it an innocent and Sawyer couldn't bear to kill it because of what happened in Australia? Or is there something more going on here? And I don't think it was coincidental that on this journey that Locke suddenly shows up out of nowhere. Locke seems to be in on everyone's journey somehow, showing up at key moments to push them in the right direction. Just look as the big grin on his face as he, Sawyer and Kate are talking. I can only think that Locke's agenda will come out eventually and it's not going to be a good scene.

Meanwhile, things continue to be interesting of the island. Charlie is dealing with the after-effects of killing Ethan. One question I had--was Charlie being the one who had to bury Ethan his idea or was it the groups? Was it some kind of punishment for killing Ethan before they could get any information out of him?

More and more, Hurley is becoming the conscience of the island. We see him go with Charlie and help him bury Ethan, despite Charlie's insistance that he (Charlie) can do it alone. Then we see Hurley ask Sayid for help in helping Charlie deal with the ramifications of what he's done. I like Sayid's conversation with Charlie about how what he's done will be with him for the rest of his life. A nice, quiet, well done scene that goes to one of the strengths of this show.

posted by Michael Hickerson at 2/17/2005 08:56:00 AM | |
btw, haloscan seems to be doing better now.

I feel like Locke can look into the minds of the others. His story about his mother ended with a sentence that spoke quiet directly to Sawyer's situation. I also feel like Locke controls the animals on the island. Locke was nearby and the boar completed a specific task. Locke was nearby when the polar bear chased the boy.

Perhaps in his encounter with the "beast" Locke died and became the embodiment of the "beast" or the spirit of the island.

I missed this but was told the water is rising. Is the water encroaching upon the beach camp driving the survivors into the woods? Is the island sinking? Or was I misinformed?
I have to admit that I like Sawyer's character b/c he's never dull nor predictable. I wasn't surprised in the least when he didn't share with Jack the info about his father. I'm sure they will tell us why he was in the police station at a later time -- if they even think of it.

I do think they are setting up an interesting triangle between Sawyer, Jack and Kate. You know Jack is chomping at the bit to find out how Kate got that gun back.

In my opinion, I thought the boar was just a matter of turning the hunter into the prey, for once, and it freaked Sawyer out. In his mind, it was "revenge" of that guy's spirit, but then realized how idiotic that really was. I have to admit I'm not really thinking Locke can control the animals. If so, then why would he make them disppear so they didn't have meat?

For the water/beach scenes, what really happened is that the producers got tired of lugging the jet engine and the airplane parts to the beach, so they concocted this idea that the water was rising. Apparently, they forgot to see the entire "claim" out and how it would realistically affect the camp, other than washing out the airplane. They have even switched where they are filming their beach scenes over here, as the landscape is different.
Keep up the good work
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