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Monday, October 25, 2004
TV Round-Up
Enterprise: Home
This type of story is exactly what I wanted to see done in the final season of Voyager--not just to know that the crew got home safe and sound but also to see some of the ramifications of what happened to them on their voyage. At least Enterprise got the chance to do that, though I found myself wishing that they'd devoted more than just an hour to this because there really was a lot more that could have and should have been done. I really liked the character development in Archer and his wondering how he can go back to being a wide-eyed explorer after all he saw and all the things he had to do in the Expanse last year to stop the Xindi weapon. Also, the tribunal scene were Archer is grilled by the Vulcan High Command and then loses it was superbly done and I think they shouldn't have had Soval extend the hand of friendship so quickly in the end. I also enjoyed the whole Trip and T'Pol plotline because it didn't take the easy way out. Easy way out--Tripp declares his undying love for T'Pol at the ceremony, thus stopping it so our heroes can live happily ever-after. Instead, Tripp realizes that T'Pol is doing what she's doing for her own reasons and he's not sure where he stands with her. He backs down a bit and may end up losing T'Pol. I just hope this is being introduced for the right reasons, as were stated here, and not as a "let's keep Tripp and T'Pol apart." The only plotline I didn't find overly appealing was the new predjuice on Earth--not that I didn't see why it was included, but it was a bit heavy-handed for my liking. The idea that Earth would become a bit xenophobic in the wake of the Xindi attack is completely understandable. And while the bar-fight was a bit reminiscent of classic Trek's "The Trouble With Tribbles" it seemed a bit too predictable at times.

And here's a note for UPN. I understand that you're excited about Brent Spiner guest starring next week. But why did you have to advertise it before the episode and during every commercial break. You've probably already got the audience that has tuned in to see this week's Enterprise. What we need is some promotion during other time slots and throughout the week.

Lost: White Rabbit
In his weekly Cowboy Pete's TV Round-Up, Peter David claims he's figured out where the castaways are--they've all beamed down to the planet from classic Star Trek's "Shore Leave." So, any minute now I expect to see the black knight (not the Monty Python one) and Dr. McCoy wander out with two women with strategically placed cloth and not much else on. "White Rabbit" didn't match the intensity of last week's "Walkabout" but that said, it's still pretty darn good. We see the castaways slowly beginning to deal with the reality that help ain't coming any time soon and they've got to be about the business of survival. And it's looking like alliances are beginning to form on the island which should make it interesting now that Jack is ready to step up and accept the role of leadership that has been thrust upon him.

You know Matthew Fox has to be grateful for his years spent on Party of Five because it taught him how to convincingly cry and look like he was losing his mind on command. That is the type of acting skill you just don't learn anywhere else but as part of the Salinger family.

Also, did anyone else catch watch Sawyer is reading in the episode called "White Rabbit"? Watership Down.

Good news for Lost fans: ABC has picked up the show for the entire season.

Smallville: Run
Remember when you were little and had those endless debates about who could run faster--Superman or the Flash? (I think they had a comic book that addressed this at some point with Supes and Flash racing around the world). Well, this episode is one that tries to answer that question for us all. For now, it appears that the Flash can outrun, I mean Clark Kent. Meanwhile, the series tries to break out of the "back to season one" by throwing in Lana's tatoo, cave symbols and a new piece of the puzzle as to who Clark really is. Inside the parchment that the Flash steals from Lex is a map that leads somewhere. Anyone wanna take bets its the Fortress of Solititude? I will give the show some credit--this was far better than the last two season-one-like episodees, but I'm not sure if next week with the whole body-switching plotline isn't the jump the shark point for the series.

Survivor: Vanuatu
Can anyone tell me why Eliza is still there but Lisa was sent home? Eliza, who is more concerned with getting muddy than catching a pig and winning the reward and who has contribued next to nothing to the team since they got there.

Give Rory some credit for being a self-professed "rat" and seizing upon a crack in the alliance to wriggle his way in and survive another week. Also, you have to enjoy Julie's strategy of--well, I will sunbath nekkid in order to win the men over to my side. I love how she claims she enjoys sunning all of herself, but doesn't do it (at least not on-screen) until she's in a tribe of just about all men. Yeah, sure you just "enjoy" sunbathing nekkid and weren't thinking about how it might keep you in the game. And speaking of sunbathing "nekkid", someone over at Reality Fan Forum posted the infamous Playboy pix of contestant Ami. Warning: These are "nekkid" pictures of Ami so view at your own risk...

Meanwhile, there's potential love on the horizon for Sarge and Twilia.

The Apprentice
Apparently The Donald lives in his suit (even for showering!) because he expressed surprise that the women would change out of their business attire for relatively mundane chores such as cooking and eating. Oh wait--The Donald has people who do that for him--the cooking that is. (I bet the man has no clue how to make even a Pop Tart, much less the far more complicated Toaster Strudel). This week's task--start a pet-related business. Alrighty the heck does Trump come up with these things? Oh wait....he's probably got a team of interns who do that for him.

Stacy R gets fired. Thinking about it, it makes sense since she doesn't really contribute that much to the teams beyond sniping. But I still think Wes had the biggest failure as project manager, but then again I'm not The Donald (hence why I am wearing casual clothes to type this instead of the suit and tie I should).

I love how the Donald states that he hates exaggeration. Pot, kettle...kettle, pot. Doesn't Trump exaggerate just about everything?!? I guess this could have been filmed when Trump was facing the bankruptcy of one his businesses where people might have exaggerated things such as revenue to him. But come on, Trump. You do it all the time!

posted by Michael Hickerson at 10/25/2004 10:03:00 AM | |
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