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Thursday, September 30, 2004
TV Round-Up
Dr. Cox line of the week: "Oh my god, I could fly to China, adopt a child, raise her and send her to medical school and then teach her to do this procedure in the time it's taking you to finish."

I know we've seen an episode before where the internal monologue focuses on someone else besides J.D.--I think there was a Cox-centered episode a few years ago--but that doesn't make it any less fun or funny. This episode found that perfect Scrubs balance of humor and drama that makes this show so much fun to watch. J.D.'s recording of his thoughts was a hoot and seeing how most of the plots interconnected in a Seinfeld-ian way was a real treat. Man, I love this show.

Smallville: Gone
There was a LOT going on in this episode--almost too much. As always, the most compelling scenes are those between Lex and Lionel. Lionel's telling Lex that Lex won't see the threat coming and must now suspect everything and everyone was just great. However, the whole concept of Lex knew Chloe was in danger, saved her life by having she and her father use Underground Railroad tunnels to escape as the house blew up and has been hiding her out these three months was just absurd. As fun as this is the fantasy world, can you see any good attorney allowing Chloe to just pop up as a witness at the last second after being presumed dead for three months? Oh wait...that's my mistake...I'm thinking way too much in relation to this show and that always ruins the fun. Meanwhile, you've got Lana coming back to town, wacky shower misunderstanding ala Three's Company with Lois and Clark (the scene were Jonathan gets after the two of them was nicely done) and that T2-like guy, who was only in about two scenes and given little or no explanation. Once again, a Smallville freak is killed off before the final act and no one bats an eye as if this is a bad thing--not even Lois, who isn't used to how Clark operates week in and week out.

And you know, the more the show goes on, the more you begin to feel like Lex is the victim here. Think about it. Clark is mad because Lex lied to him, but hasn't Clark beeing lying to Lex since day one? And he continues to do so. And how long before Lex or Lois or Chloe or Lana goes--ya know, that Clark sure can run fast. It's amazing only Pete has figured out Clark has powers since Clark uses them willy-nilly and all the time around everyone. How anyone is not going to remember all this when Superman eventually pops onto the scene is just beyond me.

The Apprentice
I know, I know that with reality TV, it's all about the editing, but is it just me or do the women just seem a bit more bitchy this time around? Every week, they're fighting amongst themselves instead of coming together and trying to win the task. Also, the whole idea of pulling names of a hat--for both teams--as project leader is just stupid. Last night with the restauarant business wouldn't it have been best to find out who had restuarant experience and then have them be team leader? Just a thought....and a far better way of choosing a leader than random chance working in your favor.

I will admit, I was kind of glad to see Jennifer C get the boot. Seeing her just hanging over the tables just made me cringe. She just didn't quite get that in life, no matter what you do, some people aren't going to like who you are and what you've done--such as with the two older ladies who came in to dine. Sometimes you chalk it up to experience, cut your losses and move on. I think had Jen not hung over all the tables she was served, the ratings might have been higher. There's a distinction between good service (as in the serverer who makes sure you water/drink glass is always full, is visible if you need them, etc) and hovering over someone. Jen seemed more like she was desparately trying to win approval and that may have turned a lot of her customers off.

And she claims Elizabeth had a personality change?!? (Hey, I'd cry too if I felt I was set up to fail and be the scapegoat for the team!) What about her? At first, she seemed like a strong, business-woman who was strong-willed but determined. But over the past few weeks she's seemed more like one of those popular girls from high school, instead of how she was originally portrayed on the program. And after spending the first week not talking or making any blip on the radar, Stacy R is really making her presense felt.

Also, you gotta admit that the guys' team actually put some thought into the whole idea. Hiring the cleaning crew was brilliant and they just seemed to be better organized. Also, I hate to say it, but Jen C should've let some of her crew stay behind to sleep so they could be on the top of their game for the restaurant opening. Having the whole team battling exhaustion isn't gonna cut it--and you've got to wonder if the all-nighter isn't going to impact the team in future challenges.

It was nice to see the Donald actually fire someone who deserved to be fired. Jennifer C didn't have the foresight and leadership skills for the task. Also, how great was it to see her "ally" Sandy turn on her in the board room. As Bill pointed out--this isn't a game, it's business. Also, I think Jen's big mouth got her in more trouble. Her comments about the two old ladies were totally out of place and she constantly interrupted everyone, esp. in the boardroom. I think her mouth won her a few enemies and few friends.

One final thing--we've seemed to spend a lot of time focused on the women's group. Outside of Raj, can anyone really say much about any of the other guys on the team this year?

posted by Michael Hickerson at 9/30/2004 08:28:00 AM | |
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