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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Mid-Week Round-Up!
VeggieTales crew, friends setting up shop in Franklin
Middle Tennessee scores a successful business with the VeggieTales crew moving here. I've only seen a few of the VeggieTales stuff, but I do know that BrainBoy and GiggleGirl from the Inn of the Last Home are both big fans. When Gracelyn was younger, I bought her a LarryBoy stuffed toy because she loved the color green. Well, she was playing with it in her bouncy chair and dropped it on the floor and her then dog, Sammy, chewed it up. (He didn't know any better--it's a toy on the floor, which means it's his, right?) My sister was royally ticked off. I wasn't overly upset about it--Sammy didn't know the difference and besides, as long as Gracelyn got to enjoy it for a while that is all that matters. But it was from Uncle Michael and so my sister was not happy--apparently Gracelyn really liked her LarryBoy toy. (She was at the stage where everything goes into the mouth and it was a good toy for her to drool on!) So far, she hasn't shown much interest in the VeggieTales movie they bought her, but I figure she will soon enough. Right now she just loves Elmo. (And she has so many Elmos from Tickle Me Elmo to Country/Western Elmo to Hokie Pokie Elmo--the common theme here is it's a toy that makes lots of noise that she loves!)

Eli's playing time a touchy subject for Peyton
As a Tennessee fan, I can never resist an article about Peyton Manning. Of course, I will be rooting against him when the Colts play the Titans twice this season. But any other time, I'm pulling for him all the way.

'Jeopardy!' Champ Passes $1 Million Mark
The IRS must just be salivating over the taxes that Ken Jennings will pay from his winnings. I wish I'd remembered to tape this episode to see him go over a million.

It's a family affair.
The daughters of the presidential candidates are joining the campaign. Here's an article about Kerry's daughters and one about Bush's daughters.

American 9, National 4
Before the severe weather swept through Middle Tennessee, I saw some of MLB's All-Star Game last night. Like it really mattered--this one was over after the first inning. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I'm still not sold on the idea of the All-Star Game determining home field advantage in the World Series. Intersting to see that Bud Selig thinks that the fans are all for this because ratings increased throughout the game last year. I agree they did, but did he ever think that it was because the game was a competitive one that came down the final innings, unlike this year's where the AL took a six-run league earlier and then shut down the NL hitting? There was drama to the final innings last year, plus the novelty value of it being the first time that the All-Star Game decided home field in the World Series. I will be far more interested to see how the ratings break down this year when it was a blow-out early.

The Amazing Race
Due to the severe weather knocking out power, I missed the last half or so of this week's Amazing Race. (I think they repeat it Satuday night, so I hope to catch it then.) But I am not strong, so I surfed over to see how got eliminated and was stunned to see it was Allison and Donny, who took a huge drop from first place last week to gone this week. Before the weather knocked out the power, a couple of things struck my attention. One, I loved either Marshall or Lance's comment while in Uruguay about all the "foreigners." Hold on a minute here, guys--aren't you the foreigners?!? Second, the twins are really starting to bug me. "Oh we'll flirt and use our sexuality to get ahead." Yeah, and the reason a lot of people weren't helping you was that you learned all your Spanish from old Looney Tunes repeats! Finally, Charla and Mirna. Why did they hold the boat for them? Second of all, Mirna is such a whiner. I just want to shake her and go, "Get over it!" Every time we see her, she is saying how no one likes her and will be her friend, etc. Honey, it's a competition. Friendship is great, but everyone is there for one thing--to win. Friendship doesn't have a lot to do with it. Finally, as much as I admire Charla, I hate that just about every time we cut to her for a comment it's about her size and how people underestimate her. Does CBS have one cut of her saying this and use it over and over again?!? It sure seems that way!

But in good news, my favorite team of Jim and Marsha were able to stay in the race.

Ah, the joys of youth.
I was typing up something today in the library and the kid next to me looks at me in awe. "How do you type so fast?" he asked. "Practice," I said.

He then wanted to know if I knew how to find cheat codes for games. He just got Grand Theft Auto III, he tells me. His buddy comes up and the kids asks the buddy to help him find cheat codes. The do a Google search for cheats and find...well, let's just say the library needs to get some better filters for their browsers. Ah, the joys of the Internet.

Smallville News: Major Character Cast and big time SPOILERS!!
If you're a Smallville fan and don't want some major details of season four's premiere, ruined then please turn back now...

OK, you have been warned...

Erica Durance has been cast as Lois Lane for a four-episode arc this season. Apparently all of us who figured that Chloe would dye her hair and become Lois were totally wrong as it doesn't look too good for Chloe to survive into season four (which is a shame as I liked the character!) I'm not sure what to make of Lois appearing on the scene so early in the Superman saga, but every time I've doubted the show can pull off something that tweaks the Superman story a bit, they always manage to pull it off. So, I guess we'll have to wait and see...

posted by Michael Hickerson at 7/14/2004 11:01:00 AM | |
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