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Monday, June 21, 2004
Ripped from the Headlines!
Internet ads go after Cheney's daughter
Why do they assume that Mary Cheney has "sold out"? At no point do her detractors try to contact her and see where she stands on the issue they're attacking her about. I think it would be interesting to know how she feels about all of this, though I doubt she'd come out and say anything either way during an election year.

Zoo Gorilla Escape Prompts Investigation
Kind of makes you think twice about the gorilla cages at the zoo, doesn't it? I will be interested to see if they ever find out just exactly how the gorilla escaped. The idea of using "speed bumps" to keep the gorillas from getting a running start to launch themselves out of their enclosures is interesting. But, it makes me wonder--how did the gorilla figure out it could do this? Was there a series of trial and error on the part of the gorilla or did it just get lucky that one time? This could make for a fascinating special on Animal Planet if they ever figure out exactly what happened and how it occurred.

Wachovia in deal to buy competitor SouthTrust; creates largest bank in Southeast
If you've got a SunTrust account, all I can say is--change banks now! Wachovia has extremely poor customer service. Also, all those ads you see for Wachovia Securities, esp. during sporting events--you'll pay for them with the million and one hidden fees they smack you with anytime you do something silly like use your account.

I was surprised to see Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story rake in enough cash to be number at the box-office this weekend. It got some fairly good reviews and a "fresh" rating of 69% over at Rotten Tomatoes. And to add fuel to the fire of wanting to see it, Rick and Bubba were discussing it in great detail this morning and making the movie just sound like exactly the kind of stupidly funny movie I'm always in the mood for. I wonder if this one is going to become a classic along the lines of Office Space?

Kentucky wins again
The Tennessee all-stars lost to Kentucky again?!? Three years is a row?!? What the heck?!? And with Kentucky turning the ball over FIVE times as well.

I got the privilege of covering the all-star game a couple of years ago while working for the Loudon County News-Herald. Tim Daniels, the coach for Loudon, was the Tennesse coach and I got to go up to Neyland Stadium, cover the game, wander freely on the sidelines, go up in the pressbox, etc. The whole experience was great and one of those great memories from my time as the sports editor at the paper.

Griffey Becomes 20th to Hit 500 Homers
Congratulations to Griffey for joining the 500-Home-Run Club. Personally, I'm glad to see you finally made it so we can stop hearing about it as the lead-off to EVERY SportCenter.

You've got to be kidding?!?
How in the world do the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the only expansion team to never make it to the playoffs much less win a World Series, win eleven games in a row?!? And they've got a Major League best record of 11-1 in interleague play. Meanwhile, until yesterday's ninth inning grand slam, my Orioles were mired in a seven-game losing streak. Write it down now--the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will win the World Series. Of course, you also have to remember that EVERY year, I predict the Super Bowl will be the Titans vs the Redskins and that the Vols will be in the SEC and National championship games. So, take my prediction about the Devil Rays for what it's worth...

Lauren Jackson: WNBA MVP and more...
Is it just me or is it every season in the WNBA that we get a similiar storyline such as the one about Lauren Jackson? I seem to recall a year or more ago, that took a survey to see who was the "Hottest Player in the WNBA" and whoever "won" turned down the offer to appear in the magazine. Apparently, Jackson's decision to do the photo shoot is stirring up some controversy out in Seattle and even among other WNBA players. This letter's to the editor page shows a wide sampling of some of the fans' opinions about this. Of course, I'm sure the photos will soon be easily accessible all across the Internet--and they will probably hang around long after Jackson wishes they would disappear.

Grizzlies went to great lengths to keep new logo, colors secret
There's a lot of interest in the Memphis Grizzlies new logo and colors. So much so that one fan, Mario Lindsey, scoured the Internet to get a sneak peak at the new logo and then leaked it out to friends, family, newspapers, etc. All of the interest in the Grizzlie's new look reminds me a bit of the Titans changing from the Oilers to the Titans and adopting a new logo and colors. By doing that, they offically became a part of Tennessee and not just some transplant that up and moved here. Of course, they also had the good fortune of doing extremely well the year they changed their name and image-going to the Super Bowl and coming within one-yard of tying the game and sending it to OT (yeah, I'm still not over that one!). I know the Grizzlies defied expectations this year in the NBA but I think they're going to need another such year in order for this new logo and colors to really catch on and for them to be fully accepted an NBA team for Tennesee and not just some transplant.

The Comics
Admit it! This is the BEST part of the paper and the one that you always flip to first. These comics made me laugh, so I figured I'd share...
Non Sequitir
Get Fuzzy

posted by Michael Hickerson at 6/21/2004 08:36:00 AM | |
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